On the second episode of Platinum Max: All Access AEW star Maximum Caster announced that he will indeed be running for Mayor for Worcester. Max had previously teased the announcement on his twitter but it made it official tissue on the most recent epiaode his new reality show.

Wrestlers and Entertainers has learned that Max will indeed be putting his name on the ballot for the mayubernatorial race in Worcester Massachusetts. Max will be utilizing the weekly Wrestling Open program that emanates every Thursday at the White Eagle Hall, as the primary platform for his campaign.

Max not being a stranger to controversy has already dealt with scandal admits the start of his campaign. Since his return to Wrestling Open on 6/1 Caster has had to deal with backlash from the constituents of Worcester.

Caster comentened of the crowd’s reception of him stating “they’re unruly fans, they’re the deplorables” Caster continued by stating his mission is to clean up the city of Worcester. Following his return to Wrestling Open Max was almost attacked by one of the fans, thankfully Wrestling Open officials handled the manner before he could get in the ring.

The following week on 6/8 Caster was reprimanded by Wrestling Open management for visually attacking the audience with an obscene gesture. Caster was forced to apologized the week after on 6/15. As a sign of good faith Max Caster imposed a suspension on his own self. The attempt at showing his remorse was ultimately rejected by the fans and he would later be forced to compete against one half of the Miracle Generation Kylon King.

As of this writing Caster has yet to disclose what party he will be running under, or what his issues are, when reached for comment the Latin American star declined saying ” he’s not a political person”

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