Throughout his career JGeorge has gotten the chance to share the squared circle with many legends of the business. From Al Snow, Hurricane Helms, Brooklyn Brawler to Hornswoggle, Brian Myers, the list goes on and on.

In a recent interview with Dorant Kern, JGeorge was asked about his current wishlist when it comes to future opponents. In response, the independent wrestling star noted that he’s always looking to wrestle people that are better than him to further expand his growth in the professional wrestling space.

One name that was brought up as a possibility was one Matt Cardona.

“I mean yeah if the money’s right….for him obviously. The way I look at it..if you’re a promoter that’s booking Matt Cardona, you’re not just paying a booking fee, you’re making an investment towards your promotion. We all know the match would be great, it’s just a matter of what company is willing to invest themselves by making it happen. I’ve learned a lot from Matt in my time working with him on the Major Pod stuff, he cleary gets it and has a lot to offer the wrestling business. Now I want to see what I’ll learn being in the ring with the Indy God.”

JGeorge is just a breakout match away from getting the right eyes on him. The Indy God Matt Cardona could be the guy to make the fledging director famous. Rydertaker style baby wooooo!

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