It’s safe to say that in the pro wrestling world, reading comprehension often falls short at the face of discourse. This past week proved to be no different when a hypothetical question was met with outrage from the Wrestling Twitter space.

Wait who’s this article even for? The very notion of this article attacks the wrestling community for being unable to comprehend what they read. Who am I to assume that the very same people I just insulted will take the time to read all this? Will this just fall into an echo chamber, am I just screaming into the void, hoping to be heard, to be seen?

I guess it doesn’t matter, at this point I’m just trying to rationalize my thoughts. I feel like I’m missing the greater point to all this or that I’m going crazy or something…

I can’t understand the response to all this, did people really think this was going to be a new policy? Were people just using this an excuse to unload their rage? Are people just inherently mean? It’s like twitter HAS to have that one symbiote to sacrifice at the stake for harvest. Sometimes it’s justified, some people do deserve it.

I don’t think that a society is meant to handle the amount of differents thoughts that are shared on a daily basis, in a way it clouds us.

We all have our differences ,not one person is the exact same as another, yet we all have to pretend that we like each other when really we’re just cloaked in our anger, guided by voices that are just as blind as us.

On October 23rd Beyond Wrestling, a long time staple of independent wrestling since the 2010’s put out a seemingly harmless question in the vein of market research.

A simple “would you” scenario asking if fan’s would attend a show where fans would be required to attend a wrestling show, a common practice that’s done for stand up comedy shows.

Initially folks joined in on the conversation cordially, sharing their reasons as to why it would or would not be a good idea. However it didn’t take long for the greater wrestling twitter community to grab their pitchforks and start lashing out on the Beyond Wrestling brand.

People reacted as if this this was something that was seriously being considered and a new policy soon to be implemented at Beyond Wrestling going forward. Despite the post very clearly stating ” a pro wrestling show” as in any wrestling show.

Somehow the people felt personally attacked by the hypothetical question, there was almost a level of “how dare you” to some of the responses, it went from people saying ” probably not, it’s too much of a risk” to “this company’s so stupid, how dare try to take away my phone, fuck them”

It’s kinda sad to see how quickly people are to attack one, how easily misunderstandings can turn ant hills into mountains.

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