In a surprising move that has raised eyebrows across the wrestling community, a Florida promoter has announced the launch of a new wrestling promotion named “All Men’s Pro.” While the world of professional wrestling has made strides in recent years towards inclusivity and diversity, this new venture seems to be taking a step in the opposite direction by being entirely male centric.

The wrestling industry has been evolving, embracing change, and promoting inclusivity with the rise of women’s wrestling, intergender matches, and a commitment to showcasing talent irrespective of gender. Organizations like WWE, AEW, and others have been at the forefront of this positive shift, providing platforms for both male and female athletes to showcase their skills on an equal playing field.

Wrestling, like any other form of entertainment, should reflect the diversity of its audience and the world we live in. However regional promoter known in the industry as ” Florida Joe” states this promotion is not looking to make a statement on gender politics, but as he says ” provide something for the fellas”

This is something for the fellas…

Florida Joe on AMP

When asked if ignoring the trend of showcasing athletes of different genders may lead to the promotion finding itself out of touch with the evolving tastes of wrestling fans. Florida joe states that while the company will feature exclusively male wrestlers, there will be some femme presence on the show.

“We do plan on having women involved. We’re bringing back the concept of Nitro Girls, where scantily clad women will dance in between matches to entertain all the dudes in the crowd. We will also have winner of the 1995 Wet Willie’s Wet T-Shirt contest Dora Ray ringside doing our 50/50 raffle.”

In an era where fans are clamoring for diverse representation and unique storytelling, the timing of such a venture is questionable at best.

A lot of people have thrown shade at us for booking only men, they don’t even know that our original booker was in fact a women, unfortunately she had to step down because many of the guys did not feel comfortable being told what to do by a lady.

Florida Joe on Booking AMP

In conclusion, while the wrestling world has witnessed positive changes towards inclusivity, the launch of “All Men’s Pro” appears to be a step in a questionable direction. As of this writing there’s no word on the debut of All Mens Pro’s first show “Boys Only” other than it’s slated to take place in 2024. It remains to be seen whether this new venture will find success or face backlash for its exclusionary approach in an era that celebrates diversity in all forms.

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