JGeorge plans on making his brand a household name in the world of sports entertainment and beyond. Since the rampant rise of popularity in independent wrestling due in part to the success of names like Bryan Danielson and Adam Cole reaching great heights in mainstream wrestling landscape. Many of the wrestlers on an independent level today are able to accumulate some decent paydays brother. In a recent interview with Maurice Kern from Kern Pharmaceuticals, JGeorge was asked about his goals and future plans, as it relates to the current sports and entertainment landscape. In response, the fledgling director turned wrestler, but still also a director, mentions that he plans on becoming a household name with as much help as possible from any and all of the prominent wrestling promotions. ” As it pertains to JGeorge as a brand. It is certainly a rampant work in progress to desperately reach that level in today’s digital landscape. I don’t think I’ve achieved that 100% yet, hell I haven’t gotten to 50%, but to be able make a solid chunk of change and travel the world on someone’s dime ain’t bad..The last couple of show’s I did I was recognized in the parking lot. The other night I was at Wegman’s and the guy working the deli counter thought he knew me, he had actually mistaken me for the dude who’s in Hamilton, Daveed Digs I believe. That’s happening more and more and it’s lowkey annoying.” JG then pondered and rambled on about if he will reach a point you can finally be happy with one of his matches. ” At some point I’ll really hit my stride ya know? My biggest mistake is not being controlling enough and leaving my creative to people who have no clue what they’re doing. Sometimes it’s hard to explain my vision but ultimately you just need to shut the fuck up and trust that whatever I’m coming up with is going to be good. I am a visionary for a reason ya feel me playboy? When it’s all said and done I’m looking for the ideal opportunity to show the broader audience what I’m really all about, and that’s…making movies” JGeorge currently wrestles wherever he can get booked, it’s slim pickings currently, however great things are on the horizon for wrestling’s premier Cinematic Genius.

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